Hi, this site has been set up in memory of Mike Warren - just a nice place to keep some of his pics and videos. Feel free to send through anything you'd like to contribute.

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A tribute to Mike Warren {17/07/76 – 10/08/09}


the drop in
A few of the video’s from Mike’s jump holidays,
a good page to visit for some escapism.
Drop me a line if you have any videos you would like me to add.

Tribute vid by Jocke Melin

FF1 training with Jim, Spain

Mike’s in various sections of this vid – some amazing clips of the jumping in Norway put together by Ryan Saunders

Mike and Cairan – head down in Spain

Mike learning to sitfly in the early days in Spain

Mike spotted in this video, at the start of the vid and a bit further in – Orange jumpsuit.

Video by Brad Patfield. Mike doing the ’spit test’ to check the wind – with comical results. Some good jumps later in the vid.

Great tribute vid from Susanne Lampe.

The same video as above, but with some ground footage edited in.

“Tracking over a big chunk of rock followed by a bit of wall hugging.”

Amazing video of a few wingsuiters at Bispen. Great photo of Mike at the end and a short clip of him on the ground – a tribute.

Mike spotted in here at the 2:50 mark, standing to the right of the camera man in his usual black and orange.

Mike doing his AFF in Madrid – where it all started

Amazing tribute vid from Cairan Van Rooyen

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