Hi, this site has been set up in memory of Mike Warren - just a nice place to keep some of his pics and videos. Feel free to send through anything you'd like to contribute.

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A tribute to Mike Warren {17/07/76 – 10/08/09}


the drop in
A few of the video’s from Mike’s jump holidays,
a good page to visit for some escapism.
Drop me a line if you have any videos you would like me to add.

Amazing tribute vid from Cairan Van Rooyen

Tribute vid by Jocke Melin

FF1 training with Jim, Spain

Mike’s in various sections of this vid – some amazing clips of the jumping in Norway put together by Ryan Saunders

Mike and Cairan – head down in Spain

Mike learning to sitfly in the early days in Spain

Mike spotted in this video, at the start of the vid and a bit further in – Orange jumpsuit.

Video by Brad Patfield. Mike doing the ’spit test’ to check the wind – with comical results. Some good jumps later in the vid.

Great tribute vid from Susanne Lampe.

The same video as above, but with some ground footage edited in.

“Tracking over a big chunk of rock followed by a bit of wall hugging.”

Amazing video of a few wingsuiters at Bispen. Great photo of Mike at the end and a short clip of him on the ground – a tribute.

Mike spotted in here at the 2:50 mark, standing to the right of the camera man in his usual black and orange.

Mike doing his AFF in Madrid – where it all started

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